Writers Guidelines

Our guidelines will help you present your story in a compelling way.



The Why Jesus Book Series seeks to present authentic, first-person stories about everyday people who have experienced the power of accepting Jesus as their Savior. Such a change could have been a small or large one. These stories reveal the process of life and how the people came to a place of resolve when they placed faith in Jesus Christ.


Whatever the life event might have been, whether sickness, divorce, children, or personal experiences, The Why Jesus Book Series seeks to provide stories that will inspire a deep seeded hope and encourage the heart of the reader to place faith in Christ to experience His transformative power in a personal way.


Please share your story as a first-person narrative, presented through experiences that make readers feel they are present as your story is unfolding. You can write a story for another person as long as you have their consent to do so. Other tips:

  • Tell the testimony from the perspective of the person who is most transformed by the experience. Focus on a specific event or point, not the entire life.
  • Provide all the relevant facts so the reader can follow what happened.
  • Be sure to underline the change the person experiences due to their transformation; it will help the reader relate to how this could happen to them.


Your support is accepted once we approve your soft registration. Our stories range from 1,200 – 1,500 words. We will also work with short versions of 350 – 700 words. You can start submissions HERE

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