The Why Jesus Book Series Adds New Titles It’s Book Series

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With the long-anticipated live event in view, the Why Jesus Book Series ( Through People Publishers) recently launched new titles in addition to its former title series.

The Director of Publishing, William Owens, who announced at a meeting from Vietnam, said that these new titles were unveiled to capture an all-round perspective of the book series and to showcase the relevance of faith, particularly King Jesus, in every area of daily living. He also invited the public to submit soft entries for the book series and register for the live event, scheduled for May.

The first of these releases, “Athletes Who Compete and Why Jesus Loves,” explores the relationship between athleticism and spirituality, offering insights into the journeys of dedicated athletes who draw strength from their faith on and off the field.

Similarly, “Why Jesus Loves to Cook and So Do I” takes readers on a culinary journey, highlighting the spiritual significance of cooking and sharing meals. From the kitchen’s warmth to the communal table, this book celebrates the sacred act of nourishing body and soul.

“Why Jesus Loves the Home and the Women, Wives, and Mothers Who Make Them,” on the other hand, pays homage to the heart of the home and the indispensable role of women in nurturing it. Through tender narratives of love, sacrifice, and resilience, this title honors the profound impact of women on shaping the fabric of family life.

With these new releases, the Why Jesus Book series aims to provide readers with an exploration of faith in everyday life. To discover more about these enriching narratives and explore the entire collection, visit


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