King Jesus
King of Kings, The Kingdom of God


Kingdoms are in deep conflict as we witness the culmination of the end times unfold with prophetic accuracy. Just as Jesus predicted, wars and rumors of wars, pestilence, earthquakes, perplexities, and men becoming lovers of themselves more than God. The political landscape is polluted with injustice, and nations’ spiritual health has revealed its failure to bring the tranquil peace that only King Jesus offers

We must use every possible platform to share the eternal gift of salvation, and there is nothing more powerful than a personal testimony of what that means. A testimony focuses directly on “why faith in Jesus matters” and how that has transcended every area of your life. Whether it is throughout your day, week, month, year, or life, read Why My Faith in Jesus Matters.

Poets express their hearts with a unique selection of words and rhythms that are their own. The art form of poetry has no equal in capturing the essence of truth and presenting it outside the usual grammatical standards. With this in mind, Poets for the Nations presents poetry that aims to express eternal hope within the reality of despair that grips the soul.

The artist has a gift that is powerful beyond mere conversation and expression. They are gracefully endowed to express mere conversations through a form that amplifies the message. Whether through the power of vocals, dancing, drawing, or playing strings, they take the message and can reach depths of connection with others and, more so, with the Lord Jesus

Every adult was a child first; there are no exceptions. The years of childhood are the most impressive of our entire lives. At that stage, we are impressed, for good or bad. These formative years shape our minds, beliefs, and dreams of who we will become and how we will live our lives within a community, local or national.

Most would agree that, as a nation, America is facing unparalleled issues like never before. The solution will never be found among the institutions of men, whether political, educational, human strength, or religious. America needs to pray! Only the prayers of those who call upon God in Jesus’ name can and will enable us to discover and fulfill God’s will within the troubling and deplorable state in which we find ourselves as a nation.

The rise of false doctrine should not come as a surprise to any serious pursuer of the truth. The forewarnings of Jesus and His apostles are throughout the Holy Bible of the onslaught of falsehood and their teachers increasing with the times of the end and therefore the advent of the return of Jesus.
Jesus hated their doctrine because it hindered souls from coming into His kingdom, and we must uphold His standard.

Today, some believe they have been called as Christians to be in business and to thrive in bringing inspired ideas into reality. Read their stories, learn about their business, and learn how they arrived at where they are today. God uses men and women within the entrepreneurial space to reveal His glory and meet the needs of people worldwide. Today, we enjoy many of our conveniences because someone followed their passion and calling. Share your journey with others about why Jesus called you to become an entrepreneur.

It’s been said that the foundation of a society is built upon man. There is a lot of truth to this. While perspectives may vary, societal foundations that have proven to be solid, lasting, and healthy have always attributed this outcome to a particular unit that ends the day together under one roof: the family. There is also one document that, when followed from the heart, gives instructions for that unit to become a beacon of light wherever it shines: the Bible. Jesus loves realm men; it is why He chose men to be His apostles. Let’s explore this foundational principle beyond opinionated viewpoints and find exactly why Jesus loves real men.

This same Jesus has issued a divine decree to all whom He forgives – You too shall forgive by and through the same power in which I have forgiven you. Such a decree has no compromise and carries with it a promise not to be forgiven if we refuse to do to others what He has done for us. Forgiveness does not happen because we understand or feel it. It comes from the power of His death and resurrection. As we yield to His forgiveness towards us, we, through Him, yield to our forgiveness, by Him, towards others. As often as the heart needs to do so, we do so, and complete victory rests upon His works, not ours.
I am forgiven; therefore, I forgive.

Marriage is more than the human mind, body, or soul can grasp. Human beings did not create it in any form or fashion. Though the human race was to experience its purpose, it would only be an experience of a more divine purpose in which the unique creation of the man and woman together would express and experience a union of oneness revealed emotionally, physically, and psychologically. This mystery would profoundly affect society in that it would have beautiful and communal benefits for that society.
These stories will bear witness to the truth, and essays exploring why it is so will further establish why Jesus loves marriage,

What is learned by the minds of the people will inevitably set the foundation for what those minds before us come to believe. Whether children in a preschool class or first-year students entering higher learning, education can quickly become the cover of indoctrination. Sadly, this is the case, and we are witnessing the devastating consequences on all levels of society. As we explore the problem, the solution, and why Jesus, through essays and experiences written by educators and students, we will discover that only bold truth will confront the horrific conditions facing our educational crises. Remember that our hope is eternal; therefore, so is our learning. This perspective elevates our expectations beyond this life.

The Athlete who competes has been wired with passion, aggression, determination, and a burning desire to win. All of this combined creates both a beautiful and dangerous personality. However, God has made them as such, and Jesus Loves them. Are you an inspiring athlete who has a love for Jesus? Do you have a story of what He has done in your life, as well as what He is doing? Whether you are a professional, college or even in High school, share with us your story. It could be included in this book that is a part of this worldwide series of stories, essays, and testimonies of believers throughout the globe!

It only takes a few hours before you hear someone ask: what’s for dinner? A good meal provides a place for emotional reflection that can take you back decades and make you dream about what will come. Do you have a recipe and a story that goes with it? Is cooking a passion for you, and you love to share it with people? Then this book is perfect for you to share that favorite receipt and a back story that best describes how it fits within your faith in Jesus Christ.

The home represents the beginning of everything we believe, we do, and what we hope for. It also captures our victories and our defeats. It is just a few reasons why Jesus Loves the Home. He also loves the women, wives, and mothers who make them. Experience the profound experiences of women all over the world as they express their faith in Jesus, what He has done for them and how they through faith has built their homes for His glory.