Early Submission Open for ‘Why My Faith in Jesus Matters

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The “Why Jesus Book Series, announced an early submission call for its upcoming book title, “Why My Faith in Jesus Matters.” This unique opportunity invites believers from all walks of life to share their personal stories, reflections, and testimonies on the profound impact of their faith in Jesus.

This title which will debut by Thanksgiving,  will feature stories, essays, and testimonies from all over the globe.

Organizers speaking on the notice reiterated their belief that personal testimonies are powerful tools for evangelism and encouragement. 

‘“They provide a tangible connection to the divine. Testimonies demonstrate how faith in Jesus can transform lives, and offer hope in times of despair. In fact, they provide a sense of purpose and direction. By sharing these stories, the “Why Jesus” series aims to build a community of believers who can learn from and support one another”

Commenting on the requirements, the Director of Publication, William Owens, stated that all that’s needed is a working title and a few paragraphs. 

“Writers do not have to worry right now about editing or grammar. We just want to read words written from your heart.,” he emphasized.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions are open to anyone who wishes to share their story of faith. Whether as a lifelong believer or someone who recently discovered the joy of following Jesus, this is an opportunity for you. The series is particularly interested in stories that highlight:

  • Transformation: How has your faith in Jesus changed your life?
  • Challenges: Have you faced trials or obstacles that tested your faith, and how did you overcome them?
  • Growth: In what ways has your relationship with Jesus helped you grow as a person?
  • Inspiration: What moments or experiences have reaffirmed your faith and inspired others?

How to Submit

To submit your story for consideration in “Why My Faith in Jesus Matters,” please follow these steps:

  1. Write Your Story: Compose a narrative of 1,000 to 3,000 words detailing your faith journey and its impact on your life.
  2. Include Personal Reflections: Reflect on specific instances where your faith was particularly significant.
  3. Submit Online: Click on https://throughpeople.awardsplatform.com/
  4. Use the submission form provided. Ensure to include your name, contact information, and a brief biography.

Submission Deadline

While this is an early submission call, editors encourage prospective contributors to submit their stories as soon as possible. The final deadline for submissions will be announced at a future date. Early submissions will receive priority consideration, and selected authors may have the opportunity to participate in promotional events and interviews.

For more information on the Why Jesus Book Series and titles visit www.whyJesusbookseries.com


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