The Digital Age: The Battle for Truth in Publishing

With the advent of digital, print-on-demand, and the go-to for most books being both printed and distributed, such as AMAZON and even the self-published author, there has never been the threat of control of the truth in our lifetime.
Please don’t miss that last statement: Control of the TRUTH.

If you’re not concerned about the TRUTH being told, you will have zero interest in what I am about to share with you, and there is no need to listen any further. Seriously.

Navigating the Truth in Publishing's Evolution

However, suppose the truth matters, and you are passionate about telling it. In that case, you are in an excellent place to learn about what will become the most disruptive event in the publishing and distribution arena.

First, let’s define what TRUTH I am speaking of.


It is not an idea.


It is not a philosophy.


It is not a religion.


It is a person.


Jesus said, “I am the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life.


Now that we have established that, let us move on.

For Through People Publishers, TRUTH has been published unapologetically for over 30 years. Today, we embrace this calling with even more commitment than when we started. Knowing that God has ordained this work, has sustained this work, and will complete this work until the day of Jesus Christ, we now embark upon a most glorious vision that He has given us:

The Why Jesus Book Series will galvanize a body of believers who will fearlessly testify to Jesus Christ’s goodness, mercy, and eternal salvation.

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The Why Jesus Book Series will be the only representation of the stories, essays, and testimonies of living Christians worldwide today. This fact makes our unique distribution system highly unique, and therefore, the potential for profitability is likewise apparent. 

The question arises:

How will we distribute this unique book series?

Actually, in the simplest way known to humanity: THROUGH PEOPLEWe have established a distribution system outside the system. The most potent form of marketing is not online or even AI. It is people—word of mouth—and that will never change.

While using every means available to share this book series, it will always start with PEOPLE. That is what “Through People” has always been called to do.

This is where our Distributor Affiliate Opportunity should capture your attention, and if you have an entrepreneur’s edge, you should apply to qualify. We identify Christian entrepreneurs with a passion for Jesus first and foremost and a calling to be in business. As a distributor affiliate, you can represent books within a geographically protected area, online, and through other marketing channels we have established.

Distributor Affiliate

If you meet our qualifications, you will invest an established amount to secure your place as a distributor affiliate.

To begin the process, we invite you to fill out a questionnaire and attend our next live distributor affiliate webinar with our core team. From those who qualify, we will build a community of distributor affiliates who will share, promote, and sell The Why Jesus Book series worldwide.

It’s time to ensure the truth is told, shared, and promoted without disruption, and you could be one of our newest Distributor Affiliates who will be a part of that vision.

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