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Who We Are

The Why Jesus Book Series is a collaboration of artists, writers, entrepreneurs, publishers, and Jesus-loving people who have come together to share stories, essays, and testimonies of Christians worldwide through a series of books that speak to practically every area of life.

Our Story

They believe it is vital that the evidence of who Jesus is and what He has done be known to the world. The power of a written and read story testifies to the truth of what Jesus has done in our generation. Following the examples set by the early church to “write” the things we have seen and heard is what has inspired this international series.

Psalm 45:1 says,

My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.

Meet Our Team

The Minds Behind the Books

William Owens, Director of Publications

Steven Hotze, Key Sponsor

Woody Winchell, Instructor

Ogechi Serah, Writer, Content Creator

Rise Maboloc, Video Editor

Ways you can be involved

Submit A Working Title

Why not take a small step and submit a working title of what you would name your story?  What could be more fulfilling than to have your story, essay, or testimony about what Jesus has done in your life. Your Story provides evidence of Why Jesus!





Become an Assessor

Hundreds of entrants will seek to have their story, essay, or testimony included in The Why Jesus Book Series. These entrants will require qualified people to participate on various levels as assessors who provide their input and feedback in reviewing these entries.



Learn about the 14 current categories of Books

This internatinal book series touches on every sector of society. From politics to performing arts. Family, marriage, men, false doctrine, and more. There is a topic that will speak to every born-again believer who is moved to express what God has revealed to them.

Promotional Partners

People all over the world will come to discover this book series not only through social media but especially through our Promotional Partners. If you have a Podcast, YouTube Channel, or other platform whose audience is Christians, we need you to share this vision with them.
Learn More and apply here.

Distribution Affiliate

We have established a distribution system outside the system. The most potent form of marketing is not online or even AI. It is people—word of mouth—and that will never change. While using every means available to share this book series, it will always start with PEOPLE. That is what “Through People” has always been called to do. 

 More information coming soon

Attend the Webinar

Register to attend the upcoming FREE webinar that shares in details how you could be selected to be potentially included in one of our books. You will also learn how to write to be read, and published.

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