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Did you know that over 2 billion people have never heard the true story of Jesus? What if your story could change that?

Share your personal journey, your struggles, and your triumphs in faith.

Early Submission Open for ‘Why My Faith in Jesus Matters

The "Why Jesus Book Series, announced an early submission call for its upcoming book title, "Why My Faith in Jesus Matters." This unique opportunity invites believers from all walks of life to share their personal stories, reflections, and testimonies on the profound...

Thank you for your contribution

As we gather the worlds largest collection of stories, essays, and testimonies about WHY JESUS, we are grateful for your support to help under right the cost for those who are not able to do so. Our pay-it-forward approach will ensure every story that is approved is...

The Why Jesus Book Series Adds New Titles It’s Book Series

With the long-anticipated live event in view, the Why Jesus Book Series ( Through People Publishers) recently launched new titles in addition to its former title series. The Director of Publishing, William Owens, who announced at a meeting from Vietnam, said that...

Dealing with Cancel Culture as a Christian

Cancel culture has become a pervasive phenomenon as the world gets more digitized. Individuals face public condemnation and ostracism for perceived wrongdoings or unpopular opinions. Dealing with cancel culture as a Christian presents unique challenges, as you strive...

Dealing with Cancel Culture: 5 Practical Steps

It’s all fun and games when it comes to cancel culture…unless you are at the receiving end. And with the prevailing culture in our society today, Christians are more likely to face backlash and some form of cancel culture for standing up to their beliefs and biblical...

Finding Hope Through Faith: The Firing Squad and the Why Jesus Book Series

Hope and faith are strong pillars that keep people going even in tough times.  And no two disparate narratives embody these points, finding hope through faith, better in recent times than the Why Jesus Book Series and the movie “The Firing Squad,” directed by Tim...

Why You Should Attend the Webinar or Live Event

To better understand the value of The Why Jesus Book Series, take 7 minutes and 45 seconds to determine if it is worth your while to attend our weekly webinar or the three-day live event, with our first one coming on May 2!

Students share their hearts about faith and current events – In Rome

After shooting a series of events on set in Rome, I noticed a group of young people eating across from us. We shared briefly, and I asked if I could have a conversation with them on camera. They said sure! We had a great discussion, and it validated how relevant the...

Commercials to run on Overcomers TV

It is official! The Why Jesus Book Series commercial will start airing on Overcomers TV. After the Counter Culture Mom Show, it will air every other day at 11 AM EST. After other programs, they will also run our 90-second commercial a couple of times each day at the...

Sharing Your Story What Jesus Has Done For You

Telling the story of what Jesus has done for you is more than just recounting events. It's about sharing the transformative power of faith. As Christians, this is an important part of our journey. Before Jesus went to heaven, He gave His followers a command in Mark...


Submit Your Story, Essay, Or Testimony. It Could Be Selected To Be Published In One Of These Books!

What God has done in your life through Jesus Christ can never be taken away from you. It is your testimony that will follow you into eternity. This is perhaps the first collection of stories, essays, and testimonies ever collected in our life time that will declare Why Jesus is Who He is, Why He is, and Where He is – inside the believer.
This series of books will include such writings by Christians worldwide, and your story, essay, or testimony could contribute to one or more of these titles.
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Ways You Can Be Involved


Learn about the 14 current categories of Books

This internatinal book series touches on every sector of society. From politics to performing arts. Family, marriage, men, false doctrine, and more. There is a topic that will speak to every born-again believer who is moved to express what God has revealed to them.


Become an Assessor

Hundreds of entrants will seek to have their story, essay, or testimony included in The Why Jesus Book Series. These entrants will require qualified people to participate on various levels as assessors who provide their input and feedback in reviewing these entries.


Submit A Working Title

Why not take a small step and submit a working title of what you would name your story?  What could be more fulfilling than to have your story, essay, or testimony about what Jesus has done in your life. Your Story provides evidence of Why Jesus!




It's Time to Tell Our Story

They believe it is vital that the evidence of who Jesus is and what He has done be known to the world. The power of a written and read story testifies to the truth of what Jesus has done in our generation. Following the examples set by the early church to “write” the things we have seen and heard is what has inspired this international series.

Psalm 45:1 says,

My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.

The title that speaks to your heart, is the story, essay, or testimony you need to write about.

Kingdoms are in deep conflict as we witness the culmination of the end times unfold with prophetic accuracy. Just as Jesus predicted, wars and rumors of wars, pestilence, earthquakes, perplexities, and men becoming lovers of themselves more than God. The political landscape is polluted with injustice, and nations’ spiritual health has revealed its failure to bring the tranquil peace that only King Jesus offers

We must use every possible platform to share the eternal gift of salvation, and there is nothing more powerful than a personal testimony of what that means. A testimony focuses directly on “why faith in Jesus matters” and how that has transcended every area of your life. Whether it is throughout your day, week, month, year, or life, read Why My Faith in Jesus Matters.

Poets express their hearts with a unique selection of words and rhythms that are their own. The art form of poetry has no equal in capturing the essence of truth and presenting it outside the usual grammatical standards. With this in mind, Poets for the Nations presents poetry that aims to express eternal hope within the reality of despair that grips the soul.

Hear from Our Readers

Through People Publishers is an answer to my prayers to accomplish one of my heart’s desires, which is to “write for God.”

Thank you for introducing the “Why Jesus Book Series,” This is a God send.

Theola B.

It is an answer to my prayer that I don’t have to write an entire book about my life in Jesus! It is a great idea to include other believers’ stories together.

Gerald O.

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